The CLASSICs Polycount List

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Dado Almeida greentooth
I'm sure some of you guys have an Image that reminds you of the badassery being posted here in the old times. Can you retrieve some imagery from your collection for the sake of our nostalgia?  Some really classic stuff in your oppinion.

I had this CD with my favorites references from 2004/2005 - the year that I really engage in this Carrer/Lifestyle. Unfortunatelly, the media is lost and I just remember some names and their iconic art:

- Ben Mathis (poopinmymouth) and his Blue Elf Tutorial
- Jimmy 'Masseroni' (Zdead) and his Fat Fighter, realistic hand-painted
- 'The sir from Corona Leonis' and that Giant Orange Lizard/Dinossaur
-  The Tarsier Model from Mop and the 'lady working for blizzard'
- The Quake skin from Per128???, which a Big-Dude in a White/Blue spacesuit
- The Full version of this image from Pior Oberson



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