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  • SasoDuck
    Ok, so the ceiling's bad, but it's hard to make the wormhole thing bigger without washing away the ripples in the detail. The ceiling I get, and I can probably redo that; if it needs to be simpler there won't be a whole lot of modeling. I can work on that next class.
    Also what are the red ?'s and X's in the lower picture?

    I have heard of normal maps but I've had close to 0 formal training, I've basically taught myself through tutorials and this site, so I can't really grasp how to use normals or other standard modeling techniques
  • Alex3d
    Dude common, do you understand what I'm saying? You don't need to remove the detail, just make it look like I've shown in the paintover! The green lines represent a visual pathway for the viewer to travel to the warphole. The red lines represent the pathways that lead into nowhere, hence the ? marks and the train wreck analogy...
  • SasoDuck
    Apparently not the way I thought I was. I said yeah, most of the ceiling would be obscured when the Skylight shadows were engaged in the end, then you said "no, that's lazy," so now I don't know what you're saying at all. I'm just trying to emulate your paintover as best I can because I think it makes the scene look better
  • SasoDuck
    Ok, until that's cleared up I started working on some sparks to add to the sides where the molten metal comes up. I think they need to be reduced in size though. Using a basic blizzard particle system.

  • Alex3d
    Sparks look cool, any luck on the metal itself? Btw, don't worry about ceiling for now, just leave it in shadow like I did in paintover. Keep going!
  • SasoDuck
    Which metal? The molten on side?
  • Alex3d
    Yeah the molten metal
  • SasoDuck
    Working on it. Class ended before I could upload what I started on. I've only got a plane with a glow added from the Environ/Effects menu and some red-orange lights coming up from the side. I just wish there was a better way to make glows than that (besides the mental ray version using an Architectural material with luminence amped up; I'm using the default scanline and mental ray won't render the eviron/effects glows).
    I can upload what I've got probably on Monday (the computers teacher isn't here on Wednesday or Friday)
  • SasoDuck

  • SasoDuck
    I think the fog and the fire need to be toned down a little bit, they're very overpowering. Overall though, I believe it's coming along.
  • Alex3d
    Fog is fine, I like it. Heat, yes make it a bit more settle, but increase the falloff, so it spills more evenly.
  • SasoDuck
    Yeah I'd like to make the fog sharper so it has a more roiling effect to it rather than being so damn plain, but I'm not really sure how

    Something more like this:

    knVOLCANO_narrowweb__300x403,0.jpg stock-photo-explosion-and-burning-wheels-causing-huge-dark-smoke-and-pollution-59395486.jpg
  • SasoDuck
    Ok, still working on the smoke, but it's almost there. Took a while to tone it down so it didn't look ridiculous and it still needs a bit of tweaking (need more on the sides and less on the center)

  • SasoDuck
    Well it looks like I've run my Photobucket limit. All the pictures will supposedly return on the 12th, so until then I'll upload my progress to my ImageShack account.
  • SasoDuck
    Ok, most recent uploaded, although this will likely change today:

  • Impala88
    wow this is looking really nice, although tbh the orange fog from before gave it more atmosphere, i'd add at least some back in :)

    Keep up the good work!
  • SasoDuck
    Some small updates. Added textures to side vents, etc.

  • JacqueChoi
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    JacqueChoi greentooth
    Looks cool dude.

    Something you might want to trying for future projects.

    When you have an 'extrusion', try not to make it completely 90 degrees out. The issue is the normal map doesn't read very well. Usually it's better to add details that are angled-in and chamfered.

    Also, I get the feeling the lighting is WAAAAY too saturated. Maybe try toning it down a bit, and using the colours in splashes. (Like make the lighting for the entire room pre-dominantly blue, but have the red underlight act like more of a rimlight.
  • SasoDuck
    A lot of it is chamfered, although some of it very slightly. You're probably talking about the lights on the path, right?
    As for the lighting, I wanted it to be intense like that. It's supposed to be some sort of metal refinery or something along those lines, and the saturation I think gives that feeling of being an incredibly hot area.... at least that's my take

    Anyway, working a little on the glow for the wormhole/vortex/thing. Looking really kind of flat right now, trying to get it looking like it has depth, but the Lens Effects function in Max is damn restrictive


    Whoops, forgot to move the keyframe forward a little to get the sparks particle effects, but oh well
  • SasoDuck
    Working a little on the fire/molten stuff below the pathway


    Colors got a little screwed up because of Photoshop, but whatever
  • SasoDuck
    Small update:

  • foreverendering
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    foreverendering polycounter lvl 10
    Some cool stuff going on here. I agree that some of the lighting feels a little over-saturated.

    Also, I liked your earlier version of the wormhole, like on your post from 12-12. Although I think the levels could have been punched up a little bit on that one, it felt more ominous than the current version. It had more detail as well which I think helped the scale.

    Keep it up
  • SasoDuck
    You mean when the wormhole looked more like this?
  • michael_Curtiss
    I think one of the main problems with this is that the structure is not really making for a good and balanced composition. There is a horizontal cut in the middle of the image, and ALL of the detail is below that line.

    Here are some quick mouse paintovers to give yous some ideas.

  • SasoDuck
    Damn, I don't want to seem like I'm leaning on your guys' ideas, but a lot of them are really amazing and I just want to incorporate them all. I like that top one you made with the plasma tubes or whatever branching upwards. Hopefully I can get to work on the changes.... next week I guess is when my next class is. This is going to be a long weekend...

    Some tweaks to sparks and wormhole thing in the meantime, what I did today:


    Tried to tone down a little of the saturation by increasing the fog density and adding in a couple extra layers of greyish fog to compensate.
  • SasoDuck
    Ok, so here's the quick little sketch I did for the concept of the side columns that Curtiss suggested, will start work on those tomorrow

  • SasoDuck
    Ok, added in the side pillars, but I just finished getting them actually put in at the end of class, so they looked a little rushed right now. Hopefully I'll have them fine-tuned on Thursday, but until then, here's where it's at (forgot to push the animation meter up a few spaces to get the sparks up in the air)


    I think there's a stray light in the front of the scene I need to get rid of that's putting some glow on the back of the stuff and deterring some focus from the wormhole.... will fix that too
  • SasoDuck
    Going to add in some additional pipes to the top of the new columns to get back some that original curve
  • dissonance
    if you're in need of curves for the ceiling, why not add in some bigass magnets?


    they don't need to be as blatant as those, or even that visible at all. i think it'd be a bit spooky if they were just looming shadows, almost hidden in the ceiling, like they were put there to contain some sort of field that the scientists in charge of this thing only discovered after an accident, and now the magnets are hidden away in the ceiling so as to not remind anyone how dangerous this thing is.
  • biofrost
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    biofrost polycounter lvl 5
    Man this is looking really good. Only thing I can crit right now is maybe the smoke or fog is a little strong so I might tone it down a bit. Other than that looking fantastic!
  • SasoDuck
    Ok, well worked a little on this- the dang computer keeps running out of RAM and crashing constantly, so progress is really frikkin slow

  • Jason Young
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    Jason Young polycounter lvl 9
    Have you thought about moving the camera down and changing up the composition? Your composition is almost divided into perfect quarters. Right now everything feels very small and distant which I don't think is serving you well. You might also want to add something in there that will better convey scale. How large is the hole compared to a person?
  • Alberto Rdrgz
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    Alberto Rdrgz polycounter lvl 8
    yeah, JMYoung, just said what i was going to say. Change it up. The angle is not showing off your hard work, very well.
  • paulsvoboda
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    paulsvoboda polycounter lvl 8
    A little more subtlety with some of the lights/particles could go a long way. I agree with JMYoung and think that would help a lot, but at the moment you have so much going on, so much demanding attention. It looks like your focal point is the big blue doorway, that should be the first thing that catches your eye. Everything else should be leading your eye towards that. Dim those bright yellowish lights significantly and create a much darker atmosphere in that area, perhaps having them casts hints of light on the floor. Get rid of the lights on the tops of those meshes, or dim them significantly too. Not everything needs to be seen, this can be a hard thing to do as everything usually gets about the same amount of love, but in the end you are creating a composition and it's important to only show the things which are important or in some way support that composition.
  • ScottP
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    ScottP polycounter lvl 5
    I am not sure if its just the style you are going for but im personally not for such high saturation in this scene. It makes it seem less realistic and more... stylized/cartoonish.
  • SasoDuck
    Ok, this is where I'm at. I completely redid all the lighting, completely scrapped everything and started over. Hopefully this focuses the attention strongly towards the center and the wormhole thing where it should be...

  • SasoDuck
    JMYoung: I'd say that the wormhole would just a little bit bigger than a person although likely not very much more (certainly not like Stargate, which rose up more than double a person's height). What ideas do you have of something that could convey that scale? I have no problem going a little asymmetric with it, in fact it already is asymmetric to an extent with one side having a couple extra pipes, etc.

    Paul: Hopefully with everything dimmed down around the edges of the scene, I can refocus the attention back towards the center portal, and I may even throw in some more blue lights to really brighten up the area directly around that center point.

    Also for everyone who mentioned it, what kind of angle are you thinking of?
  • purkie103
    I can't really help in giving feedback on this scene but I must say I love this thread, people have stepped in and given you some great feedback, just working my way through the thread you can see an amazing improvement in your scene. Keep it up can't wait to see the final version.
  • SasoDuck
    Thanks, you and me both. I've spent so much time dawdling on the lighting and composition I haven't even gotten around to texturing the rest of the details outside the main pathway...
  • SasoDuck
    Also on a side note, if you google "Sci-fi hallway concept" this thread comes up a LOT
  • SasoDuck
    Moved the columns inwards a bit, made some minor modifications, trying to finish this up fairly quickly. I'm still thinking of what I could use as a way to convey scale, maybe welding tools or something along those lines, but if you guys have any other ideas, I'd be open to them.

  • pangarang
    Mind = Blown.

    It's probably already been said but the details you've modeled / baked in are excellent. It's just that the lighting doesn't contribute to highlighting that excellence. I see you're trying to stick to the concept as closely as possible but I think in this case a *little* deviation from the concept for the sake of showing of your work might be forgivable.
  • pseudoBug
    Pretty cools stuff. . .

    One question though, why is my brain seeing a secondary "cloud" image, as though it was overlaid over the image? It keeps trying to recognize something and after a bit I can't look at it any more . .
  • SasoDuck
    pangarang: Thanks, I see what you're saying, but I strayed away from bright/inclusive lighting to try and focus the attention in on my wormhole. I'd like to show off the rest of it, but it's just not conducive of the composition it needs.

    pseudoBug: what?
  • pseudoBug

    A bit distracting. . . due to the complex forms there that don't quite fit into the scene.

    Smoke particles?
  • SasoDuck
    Oh, I see what you mean. I just didn't really know how to get roiling smoke besides using the smoke image as a filter in the volume fog. How would you suggest I change it?
  • brandoom
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    brandoom polycounter lvl 8
    Do you have any actual textures on your props? Or is everything just grey. Might be worth while making some diffuse maps.
  • SasoDuck
    Well I don't make textures the right way with a normal/diffuse/specular since I have no idea how to make them, like with the blue and pink version of the texture and all that. I just use the material slots in Max. They do have textures though on the more important objects, with scratches and wear and whatnot and some smaller details.
    It looks alright put together, but you could it apart for all the amateur methods till the cows come home. I'm only a senior a high school so I've never had any formal teaching in this stuff besides Polycount. Not that I'm using that as an excuse- if you know of anything that can do a walkthrough of how to make a texture set and especially how to apply them (looks something like this I think, but not sure). I've looked myself, but I just don't know what to search
  • LRoy
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    LRoy polycounter lvl 7
    It would definitely be worth your time to learn how to bake and texture.

    That said you are way way ahead of the curve for being in high school.
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