Haz-Course Character: Dizzy (GuiltyGear)

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I'm lucky enough be in Haz's character course, so here's mah thread!
I've chosen to do a version of Dizzy from Guilty Gear X.
Like some of the others I'm gonna try and catalog the process and TOP-SECRET Haz advice and so on :)
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Stage1: Round 1: 'Select your character!'
Haz introduced some criteria for us to choose our girl project for the next X weeks.
the basic idea is to take a well-known character/person and match some representation of her ~ 1:1

It's hard for me to articulate why this common task in itself might be a challenge haha.
I know some people who always work this way no problem, but I think we all do art for different reasons and with different goals/ideals in mind.

It's definitely not that I mind working from a concept, or that I think anyone should think the way I do, but it's just as important to me that someone on the team or that I personally have the freedom to make some decisions if necessary on the idea/design/style/etc as it is important to me for the final piece itself to be awesome. I definitely don't mean to compromise the concept, quite the opposite - Sometimes I feel that having some level of freedom can help allow you to extend the intent of the concept to counteract the natural progression that tends to dilute originally awesome ideas if it's rigidly reproduced. I think ideally each step of the process should take steps to expand upon the previous one... Ugh hopefully I explained my thoughts properly but I'm trying not to run on for thousands of lines of text before even starting on this character ahaha. Lemme know if that didn't make sense!

Anyway based on the course criteria, and what concepts I thought would individually benefit me most, I was super inspired by Dizzy. What drew me were the epic design, dynamic potential, and awesome contrast in character between Dizzy and her 2 opposing wings (1 angel, 1 reaper). The particular concept that inspired me most is – in a way - slightly unfinished to the whole character; she has no wings. That means I won't be making the wings for this course :(, BUT it also allows me the relief of artistic freedom in how to extend the concept if I have time to do so (and I intend to) :)

Stage1: Round 2: 'Scoutin for Resources'
I gathered as many images as I could and put together the most important ones into a refsheet - I wanted to combine a buncha images that help me with design, readability, style, personality,mood, and whatever personal goals that I hope to maintain throughout the process, but of course I have a bunch more that I'd go through as I narrow in on certain parts.

If anyone knows the original artist of this awesome concept id appreciate it :D


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