Darksiders2 Challenge - Concept Exploration

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I´ve wrote a a rant about starting a group activity for ConceptArtists here in Pcount, but seems there´s no much replies for the idea so I´m starting anyway.

If you guys want to join in, feel free. Would be cooler if we can exchange ideas and feedback.


The idea is simple. I like to sketch and I need to pratice my design skills (actually, I never drew weapons). So, when not doing work stuff, I´ll spend my time doing some explorations and ideas for DarkSiders2 Weapons.
Avery Coleman, one of the Vigil´s Concept Artist did a livestream event some days ago, sharing some insights about the style they´re using (based on JoeMad work) and some basic guidelines to the weapons construction.

I´m not making this stuff for the Polycount Contest, but I can´t see a problem if any 3D Artist would like to use some artwork as an starting point. Just let me know.


Some Mace ideas:

and some Axes:


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