[SUGGESTION] Group Activity for Concept Artists (Amateur and Professional)

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Dado Almeida greentooth
First of all I would like to confess that I can be shooting in the foot, because if you like the idea, I'll have to work hard to find time to participate in these activities in a proper way. But I really do think this could be benefitial for me and the ones whosn´t feeling good enough with the stuff we produce and/or for the ones who just need some motivation to keep working in personal projects.


Well, this is the basic idea:

What about a new thread (a group activity) for Concept Artists, but unlike some other drawing threads which already exist, this one would have a goal like this:

"To focus more on Artwork (Drawing, Painting, Sculpt) for Pre-Production than stuff created purely for Artistic Expression."

To explain what I mean by that, I'll try to illustrate how I see the 2D threads that already exist in PCount nowadays:

The new Sketch Thread is a new great idea, and quickly became a fun place to exchange our random sketches.
But, I think, the topic itself does not bring any benefit to the community as a whole. It helps the Artists to maintain the habit of sketching (this is important and a good reason to don´t touch the thread). But isn´t a place to give/receive feedback and inputs about a artwork you´d like to see as a final product.

The traditional ConceptTag also works well. I have no longer participate in this activity, but seems some artists were interesting in the jam for a long time after the reboot of Polycount. But, again, I can see a 3D modeler jumping to this thread to get some concepts to model from.

Again. Don´t get me wrong. I like the spirit of this threads. Just don´t see this as an 'improvement activity' to be part of.

To try keep the interest by the artist in the new Concept Art thread, I suggest some simple (and obvious) ideas:
  • Week 1/2

    We choose (very straighforward) a theme every two weeks and whithin this period we exchange drawings and ideas about this subject. In addition to exchanging experiences on specific techniques and theories of Concept Art/Design (using our non-working time in a more productive way), people of other areas in the production chain could input or - hopefully - be pumped to bring our designs to a 3D model or something.
  • Week3

    Perhaps after each themed activity, we can focus a whole week with some kind of study: anatomy, landscape, master painting, etc. The idea again is to work with a same guidelines for the entire group, because this could help leave our confort zone.
  • Week4

    This is idea may not fit in Polycount, but at the end of the month we can exercise the workship of Illustration (by this I mean a more polished piece). Something that can be used to exercise storytelling and composition.
    To keep it within the universe of Game Art, we could produce fictitious game covers (or some kind of marketing stuff, that I suppose could be one of the task of a Concept Artist in a real studio enviroment.


Well, that´s the idea. Sorry for the huge rant. I hope you guys like the idea and can contribute to this conversation. We could use this own topic to see how many folks are really interesting in keep this activity for some time (year, two). I don´t want to start something that would be forgived in few weeks.

Let´s get pro!


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