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Ok, so as a lot of you may know, I currently co-run an indie team called Team Blur Game and we are hard at work on our post apocalyptic first person shooter “OverDose”. OverDose has a strong team play feel to it, lifting a lot of inspiration from Return To Castle Wolfensteins objective based gameplay, almost to a “homage” level of appreciation. Obviously, we have added our own elements along the way to stand out, such as a more advanced movement system that lets you mount/climb objects, even letting you buddy up with a friend who can help you climb up higher surfaces. The number one point of OverDose was to pretty much bring Wolfensteins objective team play based gameplay screaming into the new era as much as we could.


Obviously as a tiny team, this is bloody hard work. With one coder and one artist, its… Tough. We have had Jamin who did our character models and weapons, but even then we have a single weapon completed and two characters (plus several heads). I’ve had to do everything else, art wise, including UI, effects, textures, models and maps. A massive project… But that’s not for here, because that would be more of a “help wanted” style post, which this isn’t as its more of a pimp (But yeah, if you can help out, give us a PM).

Before I get onto some screenshots of what OverDose looks like in its current state, please be aware of something… OverDose is based on id Tech 2. Two. That’s Quake II.

Anyway, onto some shameless self pimpage. With the renderer being pretty much feature complete now, I figure its time to ramp it up a bit with pimping. Polycount has a boat load of my heroes and people I look up to posting here, and I value you guys more than any other area of the ‘tinternets when it comes to this stuff.

WIP Area screenshot, lacking a lot of Ivy and a few other bits:

Just chilling:

Misc Bits:

Real time light shafts/pom/post process:

Missing all the foliage/ivy:

Shed load of misc objects (of a few hundred I’ve made):

My Marauder hands:

Bens CMC Pistol:

Bends CMC Pisol with CMC Hands:

Field Ops Class:

Field Ops Head Variants:

Infiltrator Head Variant:

And another:

Maybe Music and the like is more your bag? Here are some samples of the music and types we are going for created by the talented Luciano Giacomozzi, so you can experience them for yourself:

[ame=" Soundtrack -- "Prepare Yourselves" - Luciano Giacomozzi - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=" Soundtrack -- "Time Is Running Out" - Luciano Giacomozzi - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=" Soundtrack -- "Holding Onto Humanity -- Marines Win" - Luciano Giacomozzi - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=" Soundtrack -- "Mutated Victories - Marauders Win" - Luciano Giacomozzi - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=" Soundtrack -- "Radiation Killed My Soul" - Luciano Giacomozzi - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=" Soundtrack -- "The Horrors of Apocalypse" - Luciano Giacomozzi - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=" Soundtrack -- "World In Darkness" - Luciano Giacomozzi - YouTube[/ame]

You can find out more on the “About” page of our site: http://team-blur-games.com/overdose/

And even more at the ModDB/IndieDB page: http://www.moddb.com/games/overdose


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