What Are You Working On? 2012 Edition


  • brandoom
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    brandoom polycounter lvl 8
    In before 2013!

    Some props I've made for a new scene.


    and no, that tri count isn't a joke.

    Have a great night everyone! :D
  • slipgatecentral
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    slipgatecentral polycounter lvl 9
    just a quick test!
  • Laughing_Bun
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    Damien_B wrote: »

    Super badass, Really like the presentation too
  • jayoplus
    Happy New Year PC.
    Wanted to post this before 2012 officially ended for me over here.
    Just wanted to post what I've been working on (attached) during some down time spent with the family over the holidays.
    Only intended to be a HiPoly muscle flexing (aka, no LP intended :))
    Based on the concept by Alexey Pyatov (below)


    Still wanting to do more stuff over the next couple of days. The box is supposed to be a weapon crate. :)
  • fmoritz
    Teapot Toilet for The Worst Christmas Present Ever Mini Contest.


    Modeled in Blender, rendered in Cycles using the new BSDF Anisotropic shader in about 10 seconds at 500 samples.

    I'm trying to figure out how to make it functional before sending it off to the 3D printer and then delightfully giving it as a gift....
  • allaze-eroler
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    allaze-eroler polygon
    shameless double post from my thread :


    hello folks ! i decided to create a new sketchbooks of my works done with zbrush

    so, there 3 models i'm working on :

    mass effect alien idea :

    i'm trying to follow Kurt Papstein's workflow for my own pratice, i had alot of fun time working on it and unfortunally, i lost the face sculpt that i was so satisfied because of hard drive disk lack memories, almost about to die ! i bough 2 new hard drive disks instead.

    you're welcome to do a paint-over for to suggest me some clothes idea !


    hermaphrodite monster :

    this one was made for halloween time but not related to zbrushcentral contest, i'm trying to test some trick i learned from 3Dartist n°47 with these free videos on zbrush monster halloween one.


    Courrier for Dota 2 game :

    this one was very fun to work with because it's a very good challenge to try out, beside that, i got some inspiration from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for monkey flying XD i added pouch for letters as well boxs, however, i'm not satisfied with her head :/ i also need to add some clothes before to make a low poly version XD

    feel free to do a paint-over for clothes suggestion.


    another 3d work i'm working on after i saw this cute bastard creature which i decided to make my cute bastard mage XD

    the main inspiration :


    my 3D work :

    body :


    the head :


    happy new year and enjoy !
  • BrianP
    sneaking this in before the new thread!

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