Assassins Creed: Brotherhood PC

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Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 7
Been playing this pretty additively since it came out.
I know its kinda old news but I usually don't bother unless a game gets a good PC port.

Im loving the new mechanics they've introduced. Makes the game feel like a MMO almost.
Kinda seems like an AC Consistent world game could be like the best thing ever.
What do you guys think?


  • dannedadon
    Yeah, just got it and im loving the concept behind the multiplayer aspect of it. It would be awesome if they sort of did a bigger version of it. Maybe a whole city to roam around in with different missions for different players and they would intererfere with eachother. Some people would join up in guilds, others would roam around trying to pick of different factions or maybe "freelance" for the police force in the city and try to tag guildmembers for authorities. The possibilities are endless. But yeah, awesome game and sweet multiplayer
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