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Chin from King of Fighters


So heres my characters back story.

A little over a hundred years ago an old Drunken Fists Master named Chin Gentsai immigrated to America and finally met up and befriended another cranky old man named Chet who was headed off to California for the famous California Gold Rush of 1849. These two men decided to make this journey together in search of Wealth and plenty of Booz! The two old geezers became close friends, and as time went on Chet taught Chin how to mine for gold in the Golden State of California. In exchange for Chets schooling of gold mining Chin taught Chet everything he knew about the ancient fighting style of Drunken Fist. Now Chet and Chin are a almost unstoppable duo that Mine for Gold all day then go and get drunk until they can't even stand up straight.


Chet Concept



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