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Hey guys, I am going to GDC next week and I just wanted to get some last minute crits before I head up to San Francisco. In my actual portfolio I am will have breakdowns of each egow1.jpgnvironment, but these are the ones that I am going to show. I am open to any gow2.jpgmoonlit1.jpgmoonlit2.jpgscifi1v.jpgscifi2.jpgsuggestions or useful tips about the conference as well. Thanks guys!


  • waedoe
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    waedoe polycounter lvl 8
    the moonlit cooridor seems a little to bright and it washes out other surrounding detail. making your light sources the focal point.
  • XRevan23
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    XRevan23 polycounter lvl 9
    your stuff is pretty good, Sci fi Variation seems a bit flat, moonlit is cool but i don't really see any good detail in the assets because of all the snow in it, and padora cage is ok but the chains on the bridge look like their floating and the bar the statues are holding doesn't look very secure for that much pull on it. I would take the gun on your website off its not good at all. Over all your stuff is solid, so give them hell up their at GDC and good luck.
  • Mike Yevin
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    Mike Yevin polycounter lvl 7
    i went last year and my best advice is just to have fun. dont go there thinking too much about work or jobs, because the other people there you will network with aren't thinking too much about that either. im sure the last thing someone wants to hear there is how badly you want a job in the industry, so try and present yourself accordingly. and if your over 21, make sure you get invited to the awesome after parties, and try and try to be as real as you can with the people there.

    its an excellent chance to network, and meet people, but keep in mind the other developers are also enjoying themselves as well. they dont want to worry too much about work when they are on vacation in san fran

    im sure others will say differently, but its better to enjoy the time you have at an event like this than to be stressing about trying to find your 'in'

    /drunken rant
  • Darkmaster
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    Darkmaster polycounter lvl 8
    I will definitely be tuning back the lighting in the moonlit hallway. It's kinda weird how it only takes one comment to make you realize a glaring issue in your work! Ya, the website still needs to be updated with this work, and I will definitely have it done by GDC. Thanks for the crit guys, I'm gonna get right on those fixes!
  • Bal
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    Bal polycounter lvl 11
    When looking over all the images, it almost seems like it's the same environement in all of them, very similar colors, and always a corridor like setup. I know you probably won't have time to fix that on such short notice (maybe you could tweak the colours in one at least?), but it's definitely something you should think about for your next piece.
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