Recreating a Stone Valley

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A few days ago I found a photo lying around in one of my ref folders. I liked the relative simplicity of it and decided to try to recreate it as closely as possible in game.

I will use all bells and whistle available in the BitSquid Tech to try to recreate it, including DX11 tesselation.

So far I have just about completed one of the modular rockwall assets, and just duplicated it in the scene for now. So you'll se some repetition for now, till I finish some more pieces.

Ill try to document my workflow as best I can as I go along.

I have tried to keep a very clean, even meshflow to help with the tesselation and make the UVmapping as easy as possible.
Keeping straight lines in the mesh in the Z-axis(Y in Maya/Modo) allows me to square off the UV chunks,
so that the horizontal lines in my texture stay horizontal, and don't become some wavy mess.

Here it is in game, tried to match the camera angle, but nothing is final.



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