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POFFINGTON polycounter lvl 7
HEY POLYCOUNTERS! This is one of my final levels I am going to graduate with at the end of school. It is based off the movie Tekkonkinkreet. I really loved the over all environmental art style of the movie. Here is a first pass of the level. I hope to go back and really redo almost everything, at least texture wise. I graduate in about 6 months so 2 more Qrts.

Here is some reference I used to come up with the level.

And here are some screenshots of the level.

As well as a link to a video demonstrating a couple of camera angles I was thinking of for my portfolio demo reel.

All CRITS WELCOME! The more the better, so I can make the changes this level needs!


  • TortillaChips
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    TortillaChips polycounter lvl 8
    Nice work, really like how it's full of colour :) Somethings may be a tad too saturated like the red wood on the green building, but apart from that I like it.
  • PLyczkowski
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    PLyczkowski polycounter lvl 8
    I, on the other hand, prefer less saturated and more rugged look of the first reference.
  • Czar
    I like it, but I agree with TortillaChips that some things look TOO saturated like the red wood on the green building. Getting a bit of a Brink vibe too (in a good way :) ).

    The red tiles on the floor in the first two shots look kind of odd. I don't know what it is, I think maybe the grouting is too clean, and in general looks more like something you'd see indoors than outdoors.
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    POFFINGTON polycounter lvl 7
    Wow you guys are already helping! Def right about the textures being too saturated. I think I was trying to compensate and just pushed it a little too far.

    Czar- about the tiles I was talking to Mike H. from Rockstar when he came to our school and he said instead of just a flat plane with mesh painting, that I should actually model the tiles out. I think that might take care of some of the awkwardness maybe?
  • HAL
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    HAL polycounter lvl 8
    Yeah, definitly, atm they lack depth, either you model them out if it fits into your polygon budget or you use normal maps/ parrallax maps instead
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