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My intention in share that is more to inspire other people than promote my work at PCount - really.

Thiago Deserto is a friend and coder, which came with the idea to make an ultra-fast project, a simple Iphone game to experience and make sure the publishing workflow on AppStore.

He asked for help in friday night, I went with a plot for the already-made gameplay in saturday at morning and we became to produce. A little Brainstorm to make a rough concept and some drawings and codes writed later we had a working product. I spend some hours of sunday making UI elements and he was dealing with the ranking stuff (looks like there's a problem with sort function on iPhone).


To fill the AppStore forms and waiting the approval take more time than develop the game itself. But yesterday we got the OK from Apple, and the game can be downloaded for free.

That's it. Casual (but organized) development for a Casual game. Hope you guys have a chance to play it - because I don't have an Iphone. :-(


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    Hah, nice ma, congrats on putting it up so fast! Any figures on how many downloads until now?
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    Dado Almeida polycounter lvl 12
    Hey Felipe, thanks.

    Not yet. Didn't had the chance to talk with Thiago today, but looks like 66 peoples already downloaded at the first day. Since there's only a Facebook/Real friends promotion, doesn't look a bad start.

    I'd like to get this project to a next level. More time, more defined goals, etc. But for now, I think Thiago scores finishing the game so fast and learning how to publish projects at Appstore.

    ps.: notei que voc
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