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POFFINGTON polycounter lvl 7
So I after a long time have finally decided to start posting my work on here. Here is some recent stuff I have done. This is a concept by BARONtieri he is one of my inspirations I guess you could say. So for school I decided to try and build one of his concepts in a 2 week period.



High Poly


Lowpoly Wires




Final fix. I made the diffuse less dirty to match the concept



  • Nitewalkr
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    Nitewalkr polycounter lvl 7
    Nice work Good sir!

    Thanks for sharing :) God bless you, and keep up the good work.

    Post moar!!
  • AimBiZ
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    AimBiZ polycounter lvl 10
    Nice model but his limbs are too stiff imo. In the concept they are alot rounder and curvy which makes it look like a living creature, like if it had muscles under the shell. Right now it appears that the thickness of the limbs are constant.

    Colorwize I think you should darken the grays and play around much more with the specular. Right now I'm not sure what the orange material is, rubber? Right now the surface seems to be equally worn everywhere. I think you should make do more variation, having both clean areas and messed up ones. Which areas of the surface gets in contact with things?
    Would also be nice seeing some of the metalparts being shiny as well.

    Hope it makes sence. :P
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    POFFINGTON polycounter lvl 7
    Wow! Thank you! Those were things I deff hadn't thought about. And I can see where you are coming from about the texture. It is a little hard to figure out if it is rubber or metal. I can't wait for the quarter to be over so I can come back to this project. Again thanks to you both! This helps a lot.
  • skech287
    Yo Poff it looks great I think it needs more cow bells lol
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    POFFINGTON polycounter lvl 7
    These were all for one of my five classes. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot but need to learn more. Crits are more than welcome.

    So here are a couple of textures I made in Zbrush using wrapmode, handpainted in Photoshop. Then put into the UDK


    Rat! Also done is Zbrush using Zspheres (bleh) then put onto a lowpoly, and put into unreal.


    Gibson SG. High poly projected on to a low. The first render is in max with some quick lights, the other 2 are in UDK. I really messed up the spec trying to set it up so that the humbuckers and bridge would reflect like painted gold with a CubeMap in Unreal. So to say the least the Spec needs a complete overhaul. Handpainted diffuse I think it came out ok.


    Fun Zbrush project. I need to make a low and texture it. I really liked this project. "Evil octopus needs to learn how to stay in his box.."

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    POFFINGTON polycounter lvl 7
    This is some wall stuff for our team production level. I have done the pillars as well.

    the wall and window pieces range in about 2,500 tris


    crits if you got them

    i havent done any texturing really on it, this is only diffuse and ao. I also need to fix the normals a bit as well :)

    ps. yes those are floating pillars, no I did not do that haha
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    Where is Dust at?
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