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HAL polycounter lvl 8
This projekt started around one year ago and since then, I worked on it from time to time ( see progress pictures). Besides that long time, the major progress that I started to like about this project began around 3 month ago.

Now I finally have the time to finish this and want to create a similar thread to what Adam did with his environment.
So feel free to critique it and I hope that I learn enough out of this (and maybe you too)

Note: this whole project may take some time ^^

Scifi suit:

This whole thing started out as a mod idea for Fo3 which I since dropped. I know that there is alot of stuff which doesnt look good or right but thats what this thread is intended for.
(Also please note that when I started this project I wasnt really good at subd)

The first idea was to create something similar to what Slipgatecentral did with his
dominance war entry and somehow a crossover between the crysis suit and the former mentioned one.

Though the main goal of this thread is to create something unique so alot of the stuff that can be clearly identified as inspired by the source material will be reworked/replaced.


-create the suit mostly with subd (yeah no sculpting except for the cushion parts inside of the shoulder pads and that thing around the neck for example)

-develop this into a full character

-improve my subd skills

-improve my concepting skills (I started with crappy concept drawings ( I didnt
really thought of them as that important :/ ) at first but that will improve so expect some drawings here)

-will be full textured

-maybe a base for it later or something.

Inspirational sources:

Mass effect, Crysis, Slipgate's dom war entry, any other scifi suit stuff.

Existing concepts so far with timeline, the top one is the newest.

(beware of the crappy drawings)


Current progress shot for the mesh:


Current work state:






Stuff that I like/will change/ dont like (green/yellow/red)



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