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I'm actually looking for a position in some serious project and with this get experience in my field.

The skills I'm trying to sell/improve are:

  • Conceptualize Characters, Scenes and Assets for Games, Movies or Press projects;
  • Draw, Paint and Sculpt (both tradition and digital) to bring the ideas above to life
  • Good knowledge in Computer Graphics terminologies and routines of art production for Games.
  • Versatility to develop Illustrations and Graphics for: books, magazines, journals, trainning materials or any press/web related media.
  • Strong sense of Resposability inside a project.

The kind of projects I'm wanting to be part of are:

  • Off-site Freelancing position in Game/Animation Studios.
  • Indie/Small development of Casual Games.
  • Interesting and ambitious Mods who really need team help.
If you are (or know who can be) interested in my work, please contact me.

My Portifolio:
Contact: dadoallmeida[at]
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