I got a portifolio!

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Dado Almeida polycounter lvl 12
Well, finally I got one done.


This year I decided to try by my own. I´m still having some projects running with friends, but I´m starting to "sell" myself as an artist (not just one of a studio folk, like I was doing). Freelance jobs are more necessary and important than ever.

I´m throwing my Portifolio here to you guys because I´m interested to read some feedback of pros.

My HTML/CSS skills are very noobish. I tried to keep simple as possible, with just a Java thing and some tables ( I know, this is bad nowadays) to hold a simple design. Don´t expect too much in that field.

That´s it. Any input will be great.


  • cycloverid
    Your site is pretty good in my opinion - some great illustration integration. The only gripe I have is that, atleast on my computer/monitor, your site loads with no work on screen (without scrolling down). To make matters worse, you have what seems to be tabs that don't work!! Other than that, it's very clean and nice. :poly121: I'd maybe think about moving some of your info around.

    Your work pops fairly well in your thumbnails, but I'd say, overall, it seems underworked or unfinished. You have a good grasp of many concepts, but I'd think about pushing them further. A great way too keep in shape is to constantly compare your work to the best here!

    Best of luck!

    ** Oh, and there are some pretty bad grammatical problems (English), so I'd consider having a friend proof-reading that!
  • killingpeople
    lovely header graphic man, cool
  • Dado Almeida
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    Dado Almeida polycounter lvl 12
    Hehe, I really don't expect comments for this thread, but I'm surprised.

    Cycloverid, you're absolutely right a about my art looks "unfinished". I don't had time and motivation to push harder few of my personal works until now, my focuse always was the jobs I was actually doing for other peoples. I fell and miss that mistake I made.

    Yeah, the text thing just in the start looks strange, but I think the graphic in the title bar can solve the problem (since I don't use a brand, or logotype). I'm much more worrying the english mistakes. :-(
    Thanks for the works, Cycloverid.

    Killing People
    , do you really like it? Nice.
    I was mindless to draw something "abstract" to put in that page. I really want an art to start, because I like the feeling of that old "BBS" systems. The drawing carries a lot of references I'm interested right now (Fround, Bisley and a bit of Frank Miller).
  • killingpeople
    yeah i do, but i had a few suggestions for it, the face on the left stands out to me. you left it pretty soft compared to the other hatched stuff, and i can see why, but i think it might be able to jive a little better with introducing a little hatching and stuff. also, i tried turning the head a little to direct the eye back towards the body of the site

    some quickly playing with some ideas, here are two different ideas, either way it looks good!
  • NyneDown
    I likey. The only thing that kinda bothers me is the lightbox feature. It looks nice, but takes a few seconds to open up. Hate to sound like one of those picky web surfers bothered by the smallest things, but that's kind of a pet peeve of mine.

    Great all around work though...content looks great as well as the site itself. Two thumbs up :)
  • nfrrtycmplx
    looks great, but i have the same peeve as nyne... preloading your images is a good idea... (i'm guilty of not doing this myself...)
  • jmchristopher
  • Dado Almeida
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    Dado Almeida polycounter lvl 12
    Yep! I really want to thank for the help. Glad you guys spent some time looking it and like some of my works.. ;-)

    Killing People, dude the suggest you´d make makes it a lot better. I did each side in different days, so I couldn´t keep the same linework style. I think now it´s way better.
    ps.: I´d change the girl fairy face; she was looking too human today!

    Ninedown and nfrrtycmplx (?), hmmm, I tried to change the Java thing (I wasn´t using the original Lightbox2 but a smaller version). I don´t know if this one can preload the images when generating the thumbs, but I´ll try check this in some other machines with slower connection types. At least for me, the loading is very aceptable. Anyway, I´ll keep attention in that bug.

    Well. Thanks for the feedbacks until now. They´re giving the extra-power I do need to start some new (better finished) pieces.

  • killingpeople
    i like what you did with it, much better :)
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