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Hey all,

Long time I don´t post my dumb questions here in PCount, but exactly now one of them are glowing in my mind. I´ve to ask...

Is there a way to improve the workflow when dealing with Files?
With my english it´s kind hard to explain, but that´s the situation I had right now (and probably many of times during the day)...

I´m texturing in PS and using 3ds max to see the model. For some reason I export an .obj to Deep UV and .. bang... I´ve to choose a folder to save the file. And there´s a long way to reach that folder (since it´s in a network server).

Then, In Deep UV I opened the File-Open menu and ... bang... another travel to the same folder.

And that repeats, repeats and repeats every time during the day when I need to save, open or find a file.

Days ago I was trying to fix that annoying thing using a Shortcut for my projects folders in estrategic places of the disk. It works well, but I was thinking in some more fast and cool.

I think the great problem is that every application in Windows store a recent folder list position. You´re always forced to "navigate" through your disk. And that "navigate" stuff that I think can be improved.

A friend of mine said 2 monitors is a really good way to be more fast when dealing with files (copy, paste, move, navigate, etc.). But It´s not a real solution.

The only thing I can imagine it´s a kind of software who store in a common place a link for all the files you´re using. The file remains in the proper folder, but that software get all the links to reach them ... and that can be easilly acessed by the File-Open/Save menus of the another softwares running.

I think in Linux you have the concept of virtual links for the files, but I don´t know it really works in a pratical way.

Does it make sense? Just really like to hear from you some experience, feedback or tip about the subject any "shut up and get back to work" is welcome too.

That´s it. Now let me try to find some files.


  • Ott
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    Ott polycounter lvl 10
    Tell Max where you want it to find and put your files instead. You can set all of this under Customize > Configure User paths, under the File I/O tab. tell it where you want your most common files to point to.

    Photoshop can do the same thing, and if you click File > Open, and in the lower left corner of your "open box" you can switch to "Use Adobe Dialog". In here you can store favorites on your left hand toolbar of your most commonly used folders.
  • Dado Almeida
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    Dado Almeida polycounter lvl 12
    Hey thx Ott.

    That PS tip will help a lot. But for what version is it ?
    I think MSOffice has the same. ;-)
  • Mark Dygert
    I'm not sure about Deep UV but Max has a "history" drop down menu at the very top of the open/save pop up window. You can also set the default paths for Max by going Customize > Configure User Paths or Configure System Paths.

    I use short cuts on my desktop, since every application lets you select the desktop easily.
    Desktop > Server
    Desktop > Projects folder
    Desktop > the moon...

    There are some freeware programs that improve on windows "recent docs/folders", you might find them interesting?

    Also use File > Asset tracking > Right Click > Set Path
    To configure the paths for all your images at once. It makes it a breeze when working on a file from someone else who saves files to different places.
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