who's in charge of hiring?

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thought occured to me... who exactly is in charge of hiring at most game companies (of various sizes)? You would assume most of the people that would know whether an applicant had skill are people who are already busy working on a project... and I question as to whether game companies who are serious about who they employ would hire either just a P.R. person or some generic outside company to sift through the applications... How's it handled where you work?


  • rooster
    I think its called human resources, I was just talking to an HR person fomr EA yesterday. I imagine smaller places use normal staff to interview, but bigger companies have a whole department dedicated to hiring folk.
  • SouL
    In most cases, an HR person will pass along an applicant's resume/portfolio to the appropriate people on the team. They then give the green light to the HR contact to bring the applicant in for an interview.

    Human Resources handles pretty much all the paper work invovled with applicants/new hires. Team members ultimately have the say. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the correct team members are making the call.
  • killingpeople
    not many people know this, but .. i'm actually in charge. i'd be willing to fit you into my industry at the right price. you live nearby don't you? bring some romantic music and some scented candles, oh and your portfolio i guess. wear something sexy.

  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth quad damage
    Most of the time the actual permission to extend an offer comes from the CFO (chief financial officer) and lacking one of those, the president. The funds have to be available.

    So HR has to be looking, the AD has to like you, the CFO has to say there's money available, and then you can get a job. It's a group thing. Like an orgy.
  • Thegodzero
    And who doesnt like an orgy? So it has to be a good thing.
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    rawkstar polycounter lvl 11
    ... and high heels, I like high heels.
  • kleinluka
    At Ubi the decisions seem to be made between the respective lead, the AD and the producer/assoc. producer and HR.
  • Daz
    HR bring in the reels, we gather round at lunchtime and check them out. Often for a few laughs. We tell HR which ones show promise, they bring them in. A bunch of people interview the candidate from fellow artists to producers to the AD. We have a 'wrap up' meeting at the end of the day to discuss the candidate. In *most* cases a consensus is reached diplomatically as to wether or not the candidate is hired. That's how it works where I am.
  • PaK
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    PaK polycounter lvl 11
    HR has the final say to hire and fire at 3 places I have worked, the bigger the studio/corp the more frequently I have seen this.

    HR doesn't have a foot in production so they base their descion off your leads and those that you interact with.

    This what I have seen anyways.

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