Another Selfportrait

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Kashaar Polycount Sponsor
Hi guys!

I'm at the moment crunching stuff for a portfolio, and I'd like to get a little feedback on this one here:

(Photoshop CS, Wacom Graphire2, from photo reference)

Any comments are very appreciated!
Cheers, Lugg


  • animatr
    I like it a lot! I love your limited pallete you chose, really keeps it tight and quite nice. Great work! I really like the hair too
  • Slash
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    Slash polycounter lvl 12
    nice one! i think you pretty much nailed the ref. Good work! You could probably make some of the lines a bit cleaner tho, espescially the right eye. (your left.)At this resolution i dont think that would be too much to ask for. laugh.gif
  • ScoobyDoofus
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    ScoobyDoofus polycounter lvl 13
    Well, it looks good, but after putting one on top of the other in photoshop, it looks more like a photo-trace than anything.

    Most of the proportions are 100% perfect, so either youre really really good, or you traced which is ok, but not good practice. After looking at your rather sparse site, I'm leaning towards the latter.

    Next time, try printing your ref, and just using your eyes to compare, not photoshop.
    Another giveaway is that your image, and your ref are the exact same proportion and resolution...

    If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance, but that's how it appears, and I've seen this 10times before.
  • Kashaar
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    Kashaar Polycount Sponsor
    Nope, you're right. I pretty much suck at drawing, I should practise that more. Printing sounds like a good idea!

    Thanks for the comments everyone else!

    Cheers, Lugg
  • Rwolf
    helluva lot better than the self portrait I did for my portfolio :P

    I mistook this as another Painter painting rather than a photoshop one.
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