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thomasp polycounter

this is a project i was working on freelance in autum of last year. the character was used as a trade show attraction, mocapped and synchronized by an actor in realtime to react as lifelike as possible to a moderator and the crowd.

not exactly lowpoly stuff since it had to look sharp and detailed on some huge display. 25000 triangles, mapped with 1k and 2k color textures and alpha masks. no fancy shader stuff possible with that proprietary engine frown.gif

all modeling, uv'ing and character setup done in 3ds max, textures painted in studiopaint and refined in photoshop.
in addition to the bone- and spline-based deformation, several morph targets were used to create extreme poses that were not possible to mocap.

since i'm slowly putting my new stuff online to replace my old and outdated website for jobhunting purposes, i thought in the meantime i'd spam here in P&P where i admittedly rarely find the time to contribute. wink.gif

hope you enjoy.


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