[3DSMax] Rigging bendy things, blendshapes and bones in tandem?

Hello polycounters. Here's a situation I'm not sure how to deal with,
I have a tube that I'd like rigged to a lot of bones so that it's nice and flexible, and I want it to have a sheath around it that uses a blendshape to scrunch down along the tube's length, but I'm unsure of how to get the sheath blending along with the tube. I tried using a skin wrap modifier above the morpher, it works nicely for the bendiness but it nullifies the morpher entirely :(

Any ideas?

Note: I'd like the tube to be part of a larger mesh that's got a regular skin modifier, I don't want any fuxery to get in the way of that

(Before you ask, yes, this represents a penis)


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