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Project Title:

Alchemist is envisioned as a single/local co op third person RPG experience, with some special genre-blending, open world experience and an excellent story, spanning what we hope will be six games or more. We have a few different avenues we'd like to pursue for funding, including UDG, Kickstarter. Happy to discuss future profit-sharing and potential employment for when the team is formally funded. I have in mind, all the details have been written in the most detailed manner possible in a GDD document.

Darkero, leader of the Exiled-Heroes, was to wait for the Heavenly army by the will of the Great Creator. After seeing his companions die due to the Transcendence Duror, Darkero wages war against the Dark Order in an final attempt to destroy Duror once and for all. Haruko, who has a love interest in him, followed Darkero, even if it went against the Great Creator's will. Unable to withstand the might of Duror, they are defeated. To prevent Darkero from dieing, she gave him a part of her soul so that he may correct the wrongs that they had done by disobeying the Great Creator. With the destruction of humanity and the End Of Time brought about. Haruko sealed away Darkero within a temple protected by the Goddess Aria. Darkero, following the instructions of an unknown magician, embarked on a mission to recover his memories while an unknown warrior roamed the galaxy searching for Dayton. Being believed to be the only human to survive the End Of Time. Dayton must embark on a journey to find the only warrior who can bring a new beginning to humanity and truly defeat Transcendence Duror. Dayton must find the Legendary Alchemist.

Team Name:
Exiled-Republic Studios (ERS)

Previous Work:
This is our first title of many to come!
Team Structure:
Nasir Jones
Creative Director, Lead Developer, Lead Writer

Nathanael Orosco
Blueprint Expert

Abelson Abueg
Story Developer, Project Managmen

Selena Chen
Writer, Blueprint Scripter

Jerry Danzinger
Level Designer

Talent Required:
Concept Artist (2)
Expected to create realistic looking NPCs and Monsters.

3D Artist (2)

Expected to create game props.
Ability to save as FBX models.
ZBrush or Maya preferred.
Ability to create a NPC, player, or mob is a bonus.

Particle Effect Artist
Experience with UE4 toolset
Experience with UE4 particle system/editor
Expected to enhance the playing experience with relevant particle effects
If you are also looking to be part of the team and gain experience we also are willing to compromise.

Please email me or add me on discord if you wish to see the GDD.

E-mail: exiledheroes1@gmail.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/tUrfddC
Discord Name: Darkero12#3477
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