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Hello everyone! I am an aspiring environment/prop artist seeking to improve my 3D skills (and my 2D skills too, but 3D is my priority right now).
Critiques welcome! :)

My Artstation:
My portfolio: 

Right now, I'm working on my submission for the Artstation Beneath the Waves challenge. Here's the post if you want to see the process.
Without the fog:


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    Yther null
    Well, the challenge is over and I finished on time which means I am legally entitled to one nap. Click here if you want to see the rest of the final images.

    But before I can take that nap, time for a postmortem!

    1) I need to do smaller scenes with maybe 2 or 3 important props I really take time to polish rather than 20 half-baked (hah) ones. It'll look prettier and I'll probably learn more rather than just slapping textures on objects and calling it a day.

    2) I need to start planning things rather than just winging it. I'm not talking a full concept art there but just a few sketches and a thumbnailing process would probably help me decide where I want the focus to be and also have more interesting shapes and silhouettes. Also more research.

    3) Less procrastination (but that's gonna be hard).

    4) It was my first underwater scene and I think it didn't turn out bad? Cheers for volumetric fog. That's probably not a thing I'd have tried by myself but that's what challenges are for.

    5) I learned stuff. I can't tell you exactly what, except maybe the volumetric fog thing, but that means the next projects are gonna be a little better!

    6) Less lights. Seriously, there are so many lights in that scene.

    I can't think of anything else right now, so I'll wrap this up. Anyways, this challenge was fun and it pushed me to try new things which is great. Now onward to the next project! *falls into bed*.
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    Yther null
    Well, time to start a new project! I've decided to redo an old scene I did for school 3 years ago.


    Blockout of the new:

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