[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] - Yorick The Sheep Herder

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Current WIP:

Hello Polycount! I am super excited to join this competition. I will be making something to Taliyah, and it all started with that I want to see Taliyah on a skateboard. But I ditched this idea and instead we get Yorick, the shepherd!

I have not yet decided if I want to have a more Gothic style, cyberpunky or more rebel edgy (like the vandal skin-line) style, so I created a basic start concept to see the three different directions. If anyone got any suggestions or critique just go ahead, I would love to get some more input. But in the end I want her abilites to be throwing sidewalk rocks, her wall / R should be a Berlin/concrete wall with graffiti and her passive is her rolling on a skate/longboard.

All the colors are super WIP and I would love to hear some suggestions on them. But I want to focus on the design foremost. 

Good luck to everyone!


  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel polycounter lvl 6
    Okey so I made a breakdown of the direction I wanted to go with Taliyah, but I could not get the feeling I wanted to take the skin idea. The things that are hanging from her arms I could not get them to fit with the skating theme so I ditched the concept. Here is the image that made me realize to kill it off. 

    So instead I started to look at different ideas and I think I have landed with one I feel quite happy with. 

    So say hi to Shepherd Yorick, he has lots of sheep! 

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    jonjon polycounter lvl 5
    Really nice idea! I definitely think the switch to Yorick was a good call, it fits really well with his gameplay and I think has a really interesting twist :smile:
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    UchiLT vertex
    I imagine him with sheeps instead of zombies haha.Nice idea
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    Nuclear Angel polycounter lvl 6
    Thank you @jonjon and @UchiLT! And yup I will try to get some good design in with sheep instead of ghouls, my only problem with that was how where I going to get in the maiden? 

    It have been a while but I got some progress as I finally got time to work on Yorick properly. And I got to say that so far a lot of good stuff is coming out of this contest, keep it up everyone. 

    Current WIP 

    And here are some ideas on where I might want to push him. 

    To do and priority order. 

    Sculpt the backpack/goat head to see how the idea works in 3D. And or try out a more sculpted version of the backpack, or maybe combine them both? 

    Create his shepherd staff. 

    One more polish pass on the body, and anatomy to get the league feel in to the sculpt as it is now only a basic anatomy sculpt. 

    Polish hair and beard

    Decide on if I want gloves or straps around the hands and then polish. 

    Polish his clothes. 

    Polish the backpack or goat if I go that route.

    Sculpt the maiden and the ghoat (a mixture of ghoul and goat)

    And that is the progress for me so far. 

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    Nuclear Angel polycounter lvl 6
    Great job everyone, so many amazing entries by everyone as the deadline is creeping up! Personally I have been having a hard time to find the necessery time to work on Yorick as much as I have wanted. But I will have to be done with the highpoly next week. I spent some time having fun in keyshot for the highpoly, trying to find a good way to present it. 

    In game angle shots of the highpoly

    Closeup of the face so far

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    Nuclear Angel polycounter lvl 6
    I am finding it hard to find enough time to work on this. But a thing I learned is that I should have had a stronger concept and idea to begin with, as I am finding it hard to wrap the highpoly up. The biggest reason for that is that I am not 100% sure of where I want to go with him. 

    I will be giving 2 more days to the highpoly then I must go on, I will probably not finish before the deadline but I will in the end finish him up somehow! 

    As always I would love some C&C if anyone sees something sticking out or if you got any ideas! 

    And great job to everyone who are in this competition, so much cool stuff! 

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