[WIP] Fantasy Crystal (Critique Please)

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Aboulicious polycounter lvl 4

at the moment I'm at it, to create a Fantasy Crystal.

I would like to know your opinion, if I'm on the "correct way" and if not, how would you change it.
Maybe you just want to tell me that it looks complete ugly and can tell me why!?

Every critique is welcome, as long it is constructiv! :smiley:

This is the refernece (I found it by google):

And this is, what it looks like now (rendered in Substance Painter)

After Texturing, I want to create an animation where the stones will be rotating around the crystal.

Thank you for your Time!!! :)


  • Sunray
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    Sunray polygon
    pretty nice although you should focus more on the concept and break it down before you get into it. Here are some quick pointers.
    Pay close attention to your silhouette it's all very rigid now you can have a nice contrast in it by making the gem smoother like in the concept make the gem softer and round with a few rigids. And your stones should have the hardest edges in the silhouette. Also your texture looks pretty bad the dark edges look bad imo. This looks very stylized the normal map should shape the gem not the albedo texture. also the stones have way to much moss it looks like you picked a smart material in painter and called it a day the color doesn't match the concept at all and there is way too much. Try breaking the concept up before start finding the primary shapes in the concept. The gem in the concept is well balanced in detail well yours has way to much details. Also try to get a waxier look to the gem (again the dark edges aren't doing any good for this) Try messing around with an sss shader. Also some emission couldn't hurt. 

    Hope this helps a bit!
  • Aboulicious
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    Aboulicious polycounter lvl 4
    Thank you for your post @Sunray!

    I think I know what you mean. So you think, i have to redo the HighPoly and reconstruct the mid-/lowpoly to a more smoothe gem?

    Well I tryed the oposit. The stones are more round and soft and the crystal is more hard edged.

    At the moment, i try nothing to do with shaders. I want to release two versions. One in sketchfab and one in Unreal Engine 4. In UE4 i would use more advanced materials. (SSS, Mask options, Fresnel, etc.) But at this moment i want to try to make a "simple" version for Sketchfab.

    Here is a picture without the emissive edges:

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