[WIP] Steam locomotive

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Oncki null
Hi, I heard its a good idea to post your work in progress here:) Any form of criticism is welcome

Im making detailed model of steam locomotive for my portfolio.
Model of locomotive: TR6-39

I ve choosen this model as it is in local locomotive museum. I ve gone there and did ~100 photos and now modeling step by step all of this.
This is were I am right now

As an optimist I can say its around 1/3 of HP. Next I will make some minor details(welds) in zbrush. I still heavent decided whether to texture it as new model or rusty one that is the version I have photos of:P.Im tempted to do it but it would be tons of work when its already ambitious project for me.
Next update will probably somewhere close to full HP model or even 100% HP done.


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