[Updated] Bi-Monthly Weapons Challenge | July-August 2017

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of a June update. I just moved to a new part of the country and started a job so I've had to settle down first before I could figure out how everything was going to be. For now on this challenge will be a bi-monthly challenge, since even on free time it's a challenge to complete a full AAA quality weapon from start to finish in a month. 


  • You may pick one of two of the following weapons. Each month one will be concept art, the other will be a real world weapon. An additional third asset can be done as well, that will usually be in the form of an attachment that can be used on a later weapon.
  •  Must complete the asset from start to finish (low poly, high poly, UV unwrapping, baking, texturing, renders, etc.) 
  • LODs are purely optional, along with the internals. However it's better for you to model at least the chamber area for when the bolt is open for animation. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate or complex.
  • Attachments are purely optional, but it's highly recommended for newer artists to complete the base weapon first.
  • Post at least one picture of each stage of the project (low poly, high poly, etc.)
  • Don't rush. If you can't complete by the end of the two months that's alright. If you're a lesser experienced artist looking to make portfolio pieces, just take your time and get it right.
  • Rules can be adjusted, removed, added, etc based on majority feedback.
  • Final Date: August 31

Concept Weapon

"Bukovic's Men Rifle V.1" by Timur Mutasaev

Note that this seems to be a combination of a bullpup AK and a TKB-408 (early USSR bullpup rifle.) On the artstation link to the concept, there appears to be a version that uses polymer in case you don't want to make a wood texture. Be careful on adding attachments, as the design limits what can be added on. 

IRL Weapon

FN Tactical Police


EOTech Holographic Sight


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