Looking for Tips regarding modular house pieces

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Krato polygon
I've been trying to think of a way to smartly bring modular house pieces into Substance painter for eventual usage in Unity. 

I have a modular door, window, wall, stairs, and pillar.

If I combine/join all the objects in blender, I can consolidate them into a single UV map. However, when I separate them again they seem to each take their respective island of the overall UV map into a new image. 

If each modular part has it's own material in blender it will have it own texture set in painter, which I think is a good thing (material = texture set). Unfortunately, at the same time it appears that each modular part of the house only has its island portion of combined map. 


How should I set up my exports to allow for easy transitioning between them in substance painter (if possible) and still have them on the same map so when their textures are called in the Unity Engine it can just call from one map?
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