Butterflies: Animations/Particle Effects? To Rig? Or to Bake? Advise Please

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I'm creating a "how to make butterflies for a videogame" tutorial. Butterflies similar to those found in Skyrim or the recent butterflies found in unreal's blueprints demo.

My current train of thought: Model/texture/UV Butterfly > Animate > Set to Particle Effect

I am very new to animation. I'm usually just "the modeller". So I am not sure of the difference between when I am supposed to RIG a model for animation (ie this butterfly) or if I can get away with setting keyframes using rotation/translate information. And further from that... is that supposed to be a baked animation?

I understand also that the butterflies, when to land on something, takes on some complex AI/Animation baking...I'm not really looking for advise here..yet I'll likely just copy the blueprints AI behavior or replace the asset in the demo. Any Help or advice on any of the above would be fantastic. Jusat trying to wrap my head around my thoughts. My end goal is just to have a pretty set of butterflies dancing around in play mode using unreal.
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