Monthly Weapons Art challenge?

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JoshuaG polycounter lvl 4
A while back I did a monthly weapons art challenge, which did produce some great results. Except I didn't know crap about a making a full game asset, and since then I've learned how to bake a cube. As such I myself wasn't able to fully participate and it soon fell through.

I'm looking for a consensus on this. Would you be interested in participating in a monthly weapons art challenge? It wouldn't be anything too complicated since I know several of you have jobs and some are just learning the fundamentals. So any chosen assets would be still good portfolio pieces, but on a smaller scale with optional upgrades. An example would be a Mac-10/Mac-11 with the option to add on specific attachments like a suppressor or different stock. So simple small pieces like this is what I'm imagining for a monthly challenge. What do you guys think?


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