[WIP][UE4] Abandon mall basement

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filipblom vertex
Hello people of polycount! This is my first time doing an environment all by myself. Would love some feedback on my work :smile:


  • skyline5gtr
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    skyline5gtr polycounter lvl 4
    A lot of proportions/scale look incorrect like door height and width as well as staircase as its throwing the entire scene off
  • PixelMasher
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    PixelMasher sublime tool
    yea, the scale on a lot of things seems really off/cartoony. use reference for EVERYTHING dont try and create things from memory. also, evenything in the scene is really basic, boxy and square shapes. This makes everything look super basic and really jr in terms of complexity and modeling ability. 

    get some rounded shapes, more complex props and more detailed modeling in there. the walls and floor should have trims where they meet. think about object placement. why is  that advertising wall poster thing on the outside of the stairs, but above eye level for the ground floor. if it was targeting people coming up the stairs, it would be inside the stairwell and at eye level for the landing. just move it a couple feet to the left and it makes more sense.

    the lighting needs a ton of work too, it really just doesn't make sense at the moment. if this mall is abandoned, likeley the power would be shut off, so using exertior light coming through windows, or something like that will help. or construction lights that are turned on, right now it seems too random. 

    basically, find 10-20 amazing reference photos and stick to those, and your work will improve super fast. hope this helps :)
  • filipblom
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    filipblom vertex
    Thanks for the feedback. It's hard too see what I need to get better on without this kinda feedback :smile:
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