Mudbox is terrible for hair sculpting?

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I should prefix this by saying I really like the ease-of-use aspect of Mudbox. It's literally the only 3D program that I feel I have a good grasp just by watching a 30-minute intro video.

BUT, it seems to be terrible for making character hair, especially more stylized/unrealistic hair (anime hair if you will). It seems crazy to create base meshes for each type of hairstyle.

Q1: Is it true or am I just missing a trick?

Q2: I am looking between 3D Coat and ZbrushCore for their cheap prices. I know people don't like ZbrushCore due to its lack of features, but if I am going to learn Zbrush someday, would it be a decent pick?

Many thx!


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    EDIT: oh I forgot to search through wiki:

    But at least my 1st/2nd question still stands :)
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    After reading up on this for quite a few hours, I realize my question comes down to this:

    What would be better for stylized anime hair, planes or sculpting, given low-poly models (10k tris or less)?

    (While there is an old thread for this topic, it never got to this specific question.)

    My current understanding are:

    - If we are just making hair planes, using Maya LT alone should be enough.

    - If we are just making sculpted short hair, using Mudbox alone should be enough.

    - However, if we want to make more flamboyant hair, then Zbrush still offer the best solution.

    - However, many JRPG character models, while having flamboyant hair, use hair planes instead of sculpted solution.

    That's why I am confused. I don't actually know JRPG developers' pipeline for hair making...
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