Site Survey Critique x . x

Hey everyone! I’m a student working on my design thesis. I came here a while back to do a survey to inform my project. Thanks to you guys It did super well and helped me a lot :D. Since then I made a prototype for the site. If you have time it would be amazing if you could take this survey and give any feedback that comes to mind!

 Link: (survey should take around 10 minutes. I cut it down as much as I could):

 The project focuses on making a site that could be used alongside ArtStation and Discord. I want to make it easy to answer the question “hey what are you working on?” through my thesis project. (I’m a design student so I’m not actually programming the site, just kinda pitching it to the teachers) Thanks again!

I also drew a picture of an orc on the computer. super rad... or something


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