I <3 rocks

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Ashervisalis greentooth
Yeah yeah I know, rocks? But yeah. I was checking out some portfolios and saw Clinton Crumpler's with some sick looking rocks. I'm planing on doing one rock sculpt per day until I can reach that level of quality (http://www.clintoncrumpler.com/#/gears-of-war-4/). If you have any tips, please throw them my way!!

- A different type of rock every day. My goal is not to copy what these rocks look like, but get to the point that my rocks/rock formations/mountain sculpting is on par.
- I will start creating smart materials for the sculpts once my sculpting skills are great.

I won't post the one I did yesterday; it's attrocious to say the least. Haven't used ZBrush in a couple of months so lets say it was a practice run. Here's what I did today;


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