[PAID] Thar Be Monsters looking for Tech Artist (Rigging)

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Position filled! Thank you :)


Hey guys! We're independent game developer Thar Be Monsters and we’re looking for a passionate & talented Tech Artist to contract for our sci-fi combat platformer - Blubber Busters! Specifically, we’re looking for someone who can rig bipedal and enemy/creature characters with a range of complexity depending on the needs. We'd love to work with someone that is excited to collaborate closely with a small, tight-knit, cross-disciplinary team.

The ideal candidate has experience with:
• IK/FK switching
• World space rotations
• Stretchy limbs
• Creating bipedal & creature rigs
• Working in Maya
• + Great communication 

If you're interested in the position, please send an email to cody /at/ tharbemonsters dot net with the subject line “BB Tech Artist Application”. Please include links to your portfolio, and/or a link to any personal work.

We look forward to hearing from you! :)
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