Vampire Hunter - Order of the House

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lotet greentooth
completely forgot to post this one here on Polycount.

So this is really justa silly idea me and my D&D group came up with, that I took way to far.

We started talking about how you could fight of vampires efficiently. The concept is basically that these warriors train to fight vampire their entire life, and on their 16th birthday a tree that was planted the same day they where born, is cut down and made into a house by the Hunter.

this way the vampires can never actually hurt them unless they are invited in, which they obviously wont be :p
I found it really funny that these hard boiled super awesome vampire hunters basically walked around in an outhouse.

3D was used heavily for blockouts because Im a shitty artist :P

WIP GIF and a screenshot of the environment blockout.


  • Eric Chadwick
    Hey! This is really neat. Thanks for the step-by-step. I really like the lighting and color of the final, the DOF arch foreground is a nice touch too!

    I think the piece would jump out more though if the room had more character to it. The character is stylized, but the rectangular crypts and regular arches are not very interesting visually. I think it might help to think about composition a bit more, how does the eye flow through a piece, how to guide that flow. How can you bend the environment to create a more interesting flow?

    For example
  • lotet
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    lotet greentooth
    yep, your absolutely right Eric :)  since this was more of goofy thing that just kinda happened organically, I never really did any thumbnails or wanted to spend a lot of time on it tbh.

    I would love to explore these guys more in the future though, and will definitely take a closer look at stuff like composition. personally I also feel like there is a lot more story to be told and this illustration really fails to deliver on that part as well :P
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