Looking for 3D Enviornmental and Character Modellers

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We are currently seeking environmental and character 3D modelers. The project we're developing is most definitely significant that will only have it's details shared upon direct communication with me. We have a limited number of modelers on our team whom are also limited with time, we are looking for more to fill the big gap in 3D development we currently have due to time constraints! We are taking this project with the utmost seriousness and with 100% dedication. It will also serve as the baseline for future projects. If all goes well, the dream is to pitch this unique product to a certain company, but the core goal is to have a fully functioning, well-educated team and engine ready for the big project to follow this one. I know this is a relatively vague, but we want to keep this under wraps for very specific reasons. Anybody interested?

PM me through Polycount or email(tomoyahamasaki@gmail.com) if you are interested. We'll fill you in the details once we get your message.


  • TomoyaHamasaki
    Sorry if I sound too desperate, but we really do need modellers. We are working on other projects like mobile apps that can possibly generate revenue, allowing us to finally transform "unpaid" work to "paid" work, if you know what I mean. Again, if you contact me, I'll invite you to the team's Discord and we can discuss the details and discuss pay and how the future will end up.

    I think whoever joins is going to enjoy our team and company a lot.
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