Squad Goals - Ariel Perez Concept - "Sci-Fi Recon"

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Trying to force myself to stay in zbrush as much as possible and use tools like zmodeler, dynamesh, panel loops, zremesher etc.!  Gained some speed toward the end of this sculpt so looking forward to finishing it off and moving on to the next.  Lots of notes, custom menus, macros I will post here soon.

Using Substance and trying to get the materials nice both in substance and manually in photoshop - any crits or tips would be much appreciated.  Idk if I want to attempt the gun - might use a placeholder gun for final poses.

Software so far: Zbrush, Photoshop (for alphas and presentation) , 3dCoat (for retopo), Toolbag 3 (baking and realtime renders), Substance Designer/Painter, Keyshot, Touch of Marvelous for Neck and Legs.

Anyway, images.  Thanks.

Concept by Ariel Perez - Great Stuff as always!: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8O0Vq

Some Highpoly Keyshot renders:

Materials in Toolbag so far - Lot's to do but will pose next I think.

Apx 22k tris so far.  Everything W.I.P. 
thx thx thx festivus for the rest of us.


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