Chessaria - Kickstarter Project I worked on (would you help?)

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Dado Almeida polycounter lvl 12
Dang guys, it´s probably funded but I wonder if it´s cool to post here so (maybe) we reach the goal faster. :)

This is how the game look/plays like: 

My work on this project was to design the characters (Elfs, Orcs and Bosses) as the Splash Image for the game.
It´s a small team, but I had a great experience with them (well Art Directed, great communication, eg.) So if they suceeed, I succed. 

Here´s an example of the Orc party and the game splash with the elves:

Link for the campaign:

I thank you in advance for any help (supporting or sharing with a friend).

- Dado

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