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Swayam_9shah polycounter lvl 2
My name is Swayam Shah(https://www.artstation.com/artist/swayamshah) and currently doing freelancing work, and in my free time i am working on this asset for my portfolio. I chose this because the model which is actually a miniature definitely brings out a good story. So i will be posting updates as i am trying out new techniques on this one. 
Here is the Reference from (Tabletop-world.com). BTW Great work with the detailing on a miniature.

So I did block out the model in Max and for this i want to use a Modular approach because of the number of wooden planks and rocks that are there in the scene. So i went forward and make the base model just places simple boxes which would repeat or stay unique. Here is the Update on that.

So once I was done with the base mesh, I separated the modular ones for the planks only. I then took them to Zbrush and detailed each of them.

Here are a few close ups on the Wood Planks:

I am still not sure if this is the way i would want to go, just trying out bakes and see if i can use these unique assets or should i use procedural Wooden Texture. But anyhow, it is still always fun to use zbrush. 

So for the Texturing part, I want to try and use a Texture Atlas so here is what i have here. So the controversial thing is if I want to use a atlas i might not be able to use the zbrush planks, as I would then have unique normals, and it would take a lot of space in the Texture sheet. I am still figuring out how I can make use of atlas and still keep the texture unique. The Atlas still isn't complete, i am still experimenting on it. Here is an Update:

Hope you guys like it. If you have any suggestions or C&C, please feel free, i would be very thankful.
Will keep posting updates as much as i can.



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