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Hey everyone,
For several years I have been designing and developing "Immortal", a strategy game of myths and legends. I ran a successful Kickstarter to fund production of the game, and will be finished with it soon. Through my game-dev studio, Game-O-Gami, I contracted some very talented artists (Milek Jakubiec, RING, Xia Taptara, Andrei Pervukhin, Mateusz Michalski, Jon Torres, Sebastian Horoszko, Grant Griffard, Monika Palosz, Kian Ng) to illustrate the various mythological characters in the game. I am also publishing an art book of mythology to go with the game. 
  you can see more about Immortal here.
A big goal of mine for this project has been to also contribute illustrations to it myself (in addition to handling the art direction and graphic design.) Painting cards for Immortal has not only been personally very fulfilling, but also great practice and motivation for developing my skills, attempting to match the level of the other artists working on the game. Below are a few of the card illustrations I have painted so far ("Hel", "Thunderbird", and "The Wendigo"), done in Photoshop.


Your thoughts on these are very welcome. Thank you!


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