Horse Edgeflow Critique

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jaz null
Hello everyone I am coming back to animation and decided to make my own model and rig. I wanted to know if i could get a critique on how the model edge flow looks so far. i want to continue to add more detail but i tend to get overwhelmed with the topology. Any help is appreciated thank you!!!


  • slipsius
    Moving this to the 3d modelling forum for better crits. 
  • jaz
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    jaz null
    Thank you lol 
  • PRS
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    PRS polycounter lvl 2
    What breed of horse you are basing this off, could you include the reference you are using?

    Overall shape is looking good.

    I would add a face loop between the front legs to give the chest some definition. Horses have a pectoral muscle, and without a loop there it will be hard to define that shape.

    Also I might try moving the pole vert on his front legs up more, or changing the way the edge loops there. Check out the bone structure of a horse; their leg doesn't end right at the body, it goes up more. Because the shoulder socket is higher, you can get a more realistic deformation when animating by moving that pole, or including a loop that goes a little higher. 

    Watch the size of the neck. Right now it is very slender. Depending on the breed of horse they can have a much thicker neck. 

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