first game asset: yet another 3dmotive briefcase

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This is based on Alex Moody's briefcase tutorial from 3dmotive.

I've done a little subD on and off for a few years and messed with the basic materials in Max, but this is the first time I've really done anything else. All done in Max and Photoshop. Screenshots are from the Max viewport. The entire process took forever, but I learned a TON.

  • I'm not happy w/ the lid material in general. Looks like plastic.
  • I couldn't get the foam to look and light right either. Whether I just don't know enough about texturing or this is a limitation of Max's Standard materials and lights, dunno.
  • Ineed to learn PBR / metalness. I poked around UE4 a little, but don't know jack about it yet, and only managed to get the diffuse and normals plugged in. I assume the spec needs to be plugged in somewhere using Blueprints? And I think Max's idea of a spec map is different from what it means in the PBR workflow? Need to learn more.
  • The LP could use more geo, apparently. The tutorial is ancient. MODELING LIKE IT'S 1999 Y'ALL. Still, again, I learned a lot.
I might rework the textures based on PBR later, and I'm curious to see how Substance and other new tools work for painting and baking and stuff.


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    pableaux polycounter lvl 4
    All right, I understand the basics of PBR now, and what Substance Designer can do, which is nuts. I used Pshop to make a metallic map, tweaked the old diffuse to turn it into the base color map, inverted the old spec map to make a makeshift roughness map, then imported the normap and AO separately, and took the shots below inside SD. Maybe I'll re-create the maps from the ground-up inside SD once I learn enough of it.

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