Resident evil Main hall unreal 4 demo [Download]

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B.O.W. polycounter lvl 3
  I passed more than six months time to learn production. The project has been completed . Packaging is currently testing ... will soon release download . This is my first UE4demo! 
  I did not make this project in accordance with the standard game development process . So there are many problems . But I believe that they will improve these problems in the future . Standardize the production process. 
  I will continue to work in the future to produce better quality demo. Until the real game release !
MEGA Download address:!JpczkZQL  Downloadpassword:!HpMHmUtcxoQZWsom6mLtocq8clKZVbJ5mIrfvDrLMec

Download address: Download password:o4yo

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