The Pillars of Illustration

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Hi - I've been assigned an endless amount of illustrations and 3d paintovers at work. I really love it and am getting better at illustration rapidly. I've been trying to define things more so I can bring that info to kickoff meetings and direct the process a little better.

So, thinking a bit about the process of illustrating, and what an illustrator must think about while working. I've started a graphic to show as a slide at meetings and talk about the stages of creating an illustration (key art, promo piece, video end slate, etc.)


I've tried to break it down to 4 pillars and topics falling within those pillars.

I KNOW I'm missing things so I'm posting here.

My rough process is now as follows but I'd like to refine it even more:

Kickoff Meeting 1:

1. Gestalt = What are we making? What should it do for(to) the audience?
2. Mood Board - based on what everyone brings to the meeting as inspiration

Meeting 2:

3. Thumbnails
4. Line art
5. Value/Color Study

Meeting 3:
6. Rough in paint - Pre-final

Meeting 4:
7. Final submit - approval yes/no?

What are some other essentials I can cover to explain what I'm doing? Wanting to gate the process to 4 check-ins and keep the rounds of feedback/changes to a minimum.



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