[Weekly Theme 1] Idles

A start to something great! Weekly themes, as suggested by "_adamturnbull".

It's real simple! Every week we will start a new thread with a "theme". You have the week to complete it (you can take longer if you want, but the thread won't be stickied anymore). Themes will be something easy that can be completed in a decent amount of time, so that those who can only animate on their lunches can also participate. It will also make it easier for newer animators to join in on the fun without feeling to overwhelmed.

Post all WIP and finished shots in this thread only, please.

You can use any rig you want. Creature, humanoid, mechanical. Whatever you want. Any rig. Any animation program. Here is a list of rigs if you haven't already seen the thread.

Please try to avoid using GIFs to share your work. Too many and the thread becomes very slow to load. Here are some tips for sharing your work on the forums. Vimeo and youtube, or dropbox. That thread tells you have to embed properly.

So what are you waiting for? Get animating!! This weeks theme? an Idle loop animation. Basically, someone breathing in one spot. Think of a game character when you don't touch the controller. They just stand there breathing.


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