Plant Factory for game engines?

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armagon polycounter lvl 7
Has anyone used this tool for games? Seems nice:


  • armagon
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    armagon polycounter lvl 7
    When i mean using for games, i mean, ability to make various low-poly meshes.
  • Eric Chadwick
    The EULA is a mess, very weird restrictions on how you can use the tool's output.

    That aside, I'm curious how optimized the models are? How many vertices, how many bones, how many materials, etc.? Do they make LODs? How well do they work within an actual game?
  • Axcel
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    Axcel polycounter lvl 7
    You won't get final model from it, but pretty close to it. I'm using it only for creating geometry, not interested of features like animation, wind, aging etc.
    You can make model (didn't made lods), proper unwrapping, foliage distribution, materials and ID assigning in plant factory itself. You have control over almost everything. Individual branch, leaf. It handles quite ok external meshes and you're still able to modify them by nodes.

    Plant factory is pretty handy tool especially on a big scale, when you want to make fast many variation of the same kind of tree. If you want to make just a one tree of each kind. Well... you probably won't save so much time.
    Main disadvantage imo is performance of the application and stability.
  • gnoop
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    gnoop polycounter lvl 8
    More I read their EULA explanations less I understand.

    At first it looks like you can make and sell to an only buyer (a company for example) statc meshes. Then it tunus out the content still have limitations and obligations for such buyer too like showing a credit on title screen.

    A thing you couldn't ensure actually so how could it be your agreement violation?
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