WIP - VR Chamber Corridor

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Kobalt Kiwii polycounter lvl 4
Hey everyone, I've been working on this for a while now and would love some crit. I'm hoping to extend it a bit further and break up the repetition with cupboards or something. The idea is a near future scientific test chamber, so this corridor is like an access corridor to the robotic arms that I haven't finished concepting yet. The sense of scale and space when in VR is really cool and I'm hoping to be able to play on that more with the final chamber area being a huge empty space.

Concepting stage


Where it's at at the moment running smoothly in VR.

Rendered in UE4 textured in Substance Painter.




  • Jerc
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    Jerc greentooth
    Looking good! I would add some more dirt/leaks/dust to the orange and white panels, they seem to look cleaner than the other surfaces in the scene.
  • pmiller001
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    pmiller001 polycounter lvl 3
    I think your materials need some work.
    The light is hitting all these different surfaces and they all have the same quality on them.
    Speaking of lights I think you should turn them down. The lights might also be your weakest model in the scene. They really dont even look like they belong.
    So to condense what i said.
    -Materials, Break them up, they all look very similar. Atleast in as to how the light hits them.
    -Lights, turn them down. Personally I'd go back and rework them completely, because right now they're not doing it for me.
    -Textures, I see you put some dirtiness on the pipes, Nice work. Now if we could put them on the wall panels to break it up.

    I like your modeling, the pipes behind the panels was a great touch.
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