ComicCon Challenge - GreenArrow + IronMan Fusion

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Hello everyone,

I'll be making my first ever entry to a community challenge. I've been learning 3D art(i haven't made any art before) for a year now and I want to make an attempt on making finished character. This will be a anatomy study for me and I'll make my own retopology, textures and so on :)
Nothing will help me better than other artist.

I'll be making a GreenArrow fused with IronMan, and I am not planning to make green irom man suit, no worries :P I'll base my main character on actor that plays Oliver Queen in TV series, Stephen Amell.

My reference are below, although pictures taken from internet when he is shirtless are a bit useless, as most of them is photoshoped. I take screenshots from the TV series :)


I got the base model done and some simple shapes, but still missing a lot of muscles, lower arm and whole legs are untouched. So far I added some volume to the parts that I needed to establish shape, most of it will be more defined.

I'll be glad for any help, any comments!

Progress so far:

Ort View:


Greetings everyone! :)


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    I'd say check your base proportions, the head seems very large, and the arms and legs seem malnourished and miss-shaped. the torso also seems very thin in terms of back and front, as anatomical study I think you should start with relative sizes and then when you have the overall relative sizes down, study each part of the body,
    I've been doing this recently and I've found it better to study from top to bottom, first skeletal, then muscular, then surface and then for the sake of animation figure drawing and studying full poses.
    I'll say its a long study but you learn plenty of skills for both 2D and 3D, important if your aiming to do your own reference / concept work some day, it is also a multiple pass thing, by time you finish studying everything and go back to your first set of studies you'll be thinking you can do better, at that point, another pass or 2 would help to fix what you learn in place.
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    Jakub polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you for the answer :) The relative size study is a good idea, I'll check that out for sure.

    I know that they look malnourished and miss-shaped, it is because, like I said, they're untouched, I only masked them out and used transpose move to draw out. A lot of muscle is missing, so head might look a bit bigger compared to the body, but I'm pretty sure that after giving this guy the shapes that he need, it is going to fit.
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    Jakub polycounter lvl 3
    Small update on the upper body before going to sleep :)


    TV Show references
  • Jakub
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    Jakub polycounter lvl 3
    An update that I've done today. Still did not touch the arms, will work on them tomorrow :) I took some advices, made the head smaller and fixed some more proportions.


    I'll bring out some more volume on few muscles, like abs or serratus after the retopo :)
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    Jakub polycounter lvl 3
    So I've done the base mesh for the body and started working on a head likeness. I got to say, that this is not easy, any crits at this stage will be appreciated , if someone has time for it :)


    Some images that I am basing the head on:,MTRB8DU,gRq8Xh6
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